Custom Xstamper Stamps


Xstamper stamps are easy to use and they are high quality products. As they are automatic, only pressuring the stamp against the paper is needed to get an impression. All the design gets the same pressure and ink amount. That’s way the result will be always uniform and professional.

The laser engraved rubber makes this stamp strong and durable for years of use. Makes approximately 5,000 impressions before re-inking is needed.

Delivery in just 24/48h

Safe shipments and express service with UPS quality.

Easy customization

We will help you to customize your stamps and we will check your files for free.

Maximun durability

Our stamps makes until 5.000 printings.

Custom Stamps Custom Stamps
Custom Stamps

Create an unique and high quality stamp for your business or project.

Business Stamps Business Stamps
Business Stamps

Most common stamps for any personal of office need.

Ink pads Ink pads
Ink pads

Easily replace your stamp changing only the ink pad inside it.

Refill Inks Refill Inks
Refill Inks

Refill your stamp with our inks for optimal performance. 4 colours.

Create your custom stamp with us